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Tele-Rehabilitation Institute

En esta nueva entrada queremos presentaros la web del Instituto de Telerehabilitación Rutgers perteneciente a The State University of new Jersey.



Medical needs in the US, and worldwide are growing with the aging of the population. Technology for the millions of disabled plays an important role in improving quality of care, their access to care and reducing health care costs. Tele-Rehabilitation is the provision of therapy at a distance. To realize its full potential, it needs better computing and communication technology and well as better prepared medical professionals.

The Tele-Rehabilitation Institute mission is three-fold, in areas of Research, Clinical Development and Education:

  • Research – to develop highly innovative technology that allows fu
  • n and efficacious therapy to occur in the home. This alleviates the need to go to clinics, while therapists remotely monitor and adjust your home treatment;
  • Clinical Development – to measure the efficacy and improve th
    e new systems based on patient clinical use in a controlled and safe environment;
  • Education – to form the new generation of therapists that understand and fully exploit the capabilities of the new tele-rehabilitation therapy.